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Frederick Tillis: The Storied Classical and Jazz Composer in Amherst, MA

The genres of jazz and classical music are distinct, revered by millions and of course, are here to stay. Frederick Tillis, is a composer, musician, published poet, arts advocate, and educator. Please embark on the life and journey through the career and legacy of the classical and jazz composer in Amherst, MA.

Experimenting with different sounds and combining jazz with European classical music. Dr. Tillis composed many vocal and strictly instrumental pieces that can be shared with you.

Dr. Tillis explored the broader culture wherever he is to show the influences and similarities between different cultures. He incorporated different sounds within his music to establish a foundation of African American music or European music. Experimentation with different cultural sounds is important to him.

He has composed more than 100 symphonies, choral pieces, solo pieces and quartets in both classical and jazz styles since 1950. As a performer, he's played many instruments including the saxophone, trumpet, piano, clarinet, and viola. He has directed marching bands and big bands, and have been a symphonic conductor. He believes he was ahead of his time in global music creation with his interest in different cultures, musical styles, instruments and combining it all into traditional or European classical sound.

A Prolific Creator of Music, Poetry, and More

Explore the body of work by an accomplished classical composer and writer. Dr. Tillis has spent much of his career creating musical work that crosses boundaries and makes connections. His work in jazz and classical music is characterized as being rich in melody and harmonic textures. Drawing inspiration from Asian and Western cultures, as well as his own heritage, Dr. Tillis is a composer whose work resonates with many. His musical compositions have delighted audiences in the United States and abroad.

As a professor of music and the arts, Dr. Tillis has cultivated musical talents around the world. He has performed at many venues in different countries, including Mexico, England, Italy, the former Soviet Union, China, and Japan. He has also assisted in developing the music curriculum for international schools.

As an arts advocate, Dr. Tillis has broken ground in literature and poetry. He has published seven books of poetry, with two more titles on the way. You may view Dr. Tillis’s bibliography, which includes recordings and albums completed throughout his career.

Learn More about Dr. Tillis

Dr. Tillis invites you to learn more about his career. He has taught in lecture halls, helped artists develop their musical skills, and has inspired audiences with his music and writings. He encourages you to browse his work. You may also place an order for individual recordings through P & P Publications.

Contact us to learn more about Dr. Frederick Tillis. Dr. Tillis is a classical and jazz composer in Amherst, MA.

Frederick Tillis

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