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Composer, Musician, Poet, and Arts Advocate

Experience Frederick Tillis, a Classical and Jazz Composer in Amherst, MA

Experience the smooth sounds of contemporary jazz mixed with the sweet sound of classical when you listen to the compositions of Frederick Tillis. As well as being a classical and jazz composer in Amherst, MA, Dr. Tillis is also a musician, arts advocate, published poet, and educator. He has written a number of vocal and instrumental pieces throughout the years, blending the different sounds of European classical with jazz.

Through this experimentation of sounds, Dr. Tillis was able to develop a cultural bridge between African American and European music. Since 1950, he has composed more than 100 symphonies, choral pieces, solo songs, and quartets. He has experience playing a variety of instruments, including the saxophone, trumpet, piano, clarinet, and viola. Through the years, Dr. Tillis has directed marching and big bands, as well as conducted full symphonies.

A Prolific Creator of the Arts

Explore the body of work of an experienced composer, musician, and poet. Dr. Tillis has focused most of his career on creating cross-cultural ties through his compositions to make unique and beautiful music. His music has been attributed to featuring intricate melodies with rich harmonic textures and has delighted audiences throughout the United States and beyond.

As a professor of music and the arts, Dr. Tillis has helped cultivate new musical talent around the world. He has worked and performed in a number of different countries, including Mexico, England, Italy, the former Soviet Union, China, and Japan.

Furthermore, Dr. Tillis has advocated for the arts throughout his career as a composer and writer. He broke new grounds in literature and poetry and has published seven books of poetry with two more on the way. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Tillis or would like to listen to his work, then contact us today.

Frederick Tillis

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